On July 25th, to mark the two-year anniversary of a toxic tarsands spill in the Kalamazoo River, folks from across the country will host actions and press events to bring attention to the risks of tarsands on our water, land and families health. You can participate by taking a photo of your favorite body of water or water that the pipeline crosses

water blue sign

In Nebraska, we are asking folks to take photos of a water crossing or your favorite body of water.  This could be a major river, a small creek or stream, an aquifer-fed pond, whatever you feel is your “source” of water that would be crossed/risked by the Keystone XL.

These photos should have just you or a group shot holding handmade signs (the yard signs that say “Keep Our Water Blue” will work great too for this or the 91 leaks image) that call attention to the pipeline’s threat to water, demand clean water, whatever–be creative!
If you need information on just how risky TransCanada’s pipeline is to our water supply, check our Dr. Stansbury report that documents the pipeline could have 91 leaks and spills over the lifetime of the pipe, not the 11 spills TransCanada says (which 11 is bad enough!). The government report on the worst tarsands spill in America recently got published with the Chair of the agency comparing Enbridge to the “Keystone Kops.”

When: Now-July 25th
Where: Your favorite body of water 
Why: We will use these photos for a press event we will hold on July 25th, so please email your photo by July 20th
Send your photo to info@boldnebraska.org or post on FB page and you can always call Ben with questions 402-705-8679 

Water crossings (listed from North to South on the proposed route) in Nebraska that are at-risk with TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline:

Keya Paha County
Keya Paha River 
Spring Creek  
Niobrara River 

Holt County
Otter Creek 
Beaver Creek 
Big Sandy Creek 
West branch of Brush Creek 
North Branch Eagle Creek 
Middle Branch Eagle Creek
East Branch Eagle Creek 
Blackbird Creek 
Redbird Creek 
South Branch Verdigre Creek 

Antelope County
Big Spring Creek 
Elkhorn River 
Shell Creek 
Beaver Creek 
Grove Lake

Nance County
Plum Creek 
Loup River 

Merrick County
Prairie Creek 
Silver Creek 
Platte River 
Big Blue
West Fork Big Blue
Little Blue

Additional Bodies of Water At-Risk
Ogallala Aquifer
Families’ private wells
Rainwater Basin wetlands
Other smaller tributaries

Send your photo by July 20th to info@boldnebraska.org, call Ben with questions 402-705-8679. 


91 leaks image