Pipeline Fighters showed our power to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Now we need to bring that same pipeline fighting power to the polls on November 8th. If we want to end eminent domain for private gain, if we want to see water protected, if we want to see the Sovereign rights of our Native allies protected, then we need to make sure our votes are in huge numbers on Nov. 8th, 2016. That is the only way elected officials know we are serious about change and the only way we get our issues on the table.


Register to Vote

Vote In Person Early

  • Did you know you can walk into your county election office RIGHT NOW and vote early? Get a list of your local county election offices. Just look up your county election office and walk into the office and ask to vote early. Super easy, you know your vote is counted and you can then volunteer for your favorite candidate on Election Day!


Vote By Mail

  • Apply to receive a “Vote by Mail” ballot (application to vote by mail is due Oct. 28, but the earlier you send it in the better)
  • Voting By Mail Explained: You can request to “Vote By Mail” for the general election right now by filling out this form and sending it to your county clerk’s office. Your application to vote by mail must get to your county election office by Oct. 28th. Your election office then sends you an Official Ballot in the mail that lists all the offices from President, to school board and other races. You must fill this Official Ballot out and get it into the mail so your local county election office receives it by Nov. 8th. We strongly suggest as soon as you get your ballot that you complete it and send it in the mail or drop it off at your local county election office. We suggest mailing your ballot by Nov. 1 to be on the safe side!

Your Voting Rights

When Exactly Do I Vote?

  • Election day is Nov. 8, 2016. Polls are open 8am-8pm CT.
  • Voting questions or problems when you go to vote? Call 402-904-5191 for an immediate live person in Nebraska to help you. This is a project sponsored by the Nebraskans for Civic Reform group, a trusted ally!
  • If you asked for a ballot to vote by mail, you CAN NOT also go vote in person.

Important Dates

  • Oct. 3-8: Vote by Mail ballots begin distribution, so if you applied to vote by mail you should get your ballot
  • Oct. 21: Last day to register to vote or change address online
  • Oct. 28: Last day to register to vote in person
  • Oct. 28: Last day to request a Vote by Mail ballot
  • Nov. 1: Suggested deadline to send in your Vote by Mail ballot (your county election office must have it in hand by Nov. 8, it can NOT be postmarked on Nov. 8, your county office must get your ballot by Nov. 8)
  • Nov. 8: Election Day: Polls open 8am-8pm CT

For More Info

If we did not answer your questions above, please contact the Nebraska Secretary of State office. They are the official government agency that handles elections.
Phone: 402-471- 2555 or toll free at 888-727- 0007
Website: www.sos.ne.gov
Email: SOS.ELECT@nebraska.gov

Thanks for standing up for our land and water in the streets and in cornfields, now we need you to show up at the polls and vote on Tuesday, November 8th!