Update, Saturday: Here is a link to some great pics from today.

UPDATE Friday, 2:00pm:

Nebraska State Senators Conrad, Cook, Mello, McGill and Nordquist have signed the Progressive States Network open letter supporting the Wisconsin State Senators who are opposing the governor’s attempt to strip public workers’ collective bargaining rights.  Email a thank you to the State Senators!

Original post:

We have all seen the news coverage of Wisconsin. We know the cuts our schools and communities are facing. We are watching our health insurance and gas bills go up.

And yet, our state leaders are putting up bills that have nothing to do with ensuring a strong middle class.  Instead, they are talking about getting rid of the only place workers can go to have their voice heard.  That is the answer? That is our leadership?

We can make cuts in our state budget without sacrificing middle class jobs, health and safety.

Join us on Saturday, noon, at the state capitol to show our state elected officials what leadership is all about.