Update 11pm:

The Omaha recall election is called and Mayor Suttle is keeping his job.  It was a close election and one that will be looked at and studied.

Sen. Ben Nelson issued a statement on the SOTU, you can listen to it or watch the statement.  We agree with Senator Nelson, we need to rely on domestic energy, not foreign sources and we need to focus on biofuels (we would add wind, solar and efficiency as well).

Sen. Johanns also issued a statement calling it a “fine speech,” Rep. Terry said a similar line.

In honor of Keith Olbermann, good night and good luck…

Update, 10pm:

The Omaha recall election is very close, at 9:30pm the difference was 3 votes between both sides.

Rep. Ryan gave the official Republican response to the State of the Union address and is being fact-checked in various sites.  Rep. Ryan gave no specifics and simply did not connect with what was just said in Obama’s address.

The un-official Republican response from the Tea Party’s Rep. Bachmann was heavy on buzz-words but still lacks a clear vision of where the Tea Party is headed other than saying, “No” to just about everything.

Original post, 3pm:

Both the State of the Union and the election to determine if the Omaha Mayor is being recalled happen tonight.

At 8pm CT one begins (the SOTU) and one ends (the election).

We wrote up a post about the recall, which gives polling locations and other background on the election.  We hope if you are reading this and you live in Omaha you have voted.  You have til 8pm.

Bold is joining other progressive groups in Lincoln to host a SOTU watch party, join us at Neihardt Hall on the UNL campus (540 N. 16th Street in Lincoln). Folks are gathering about 6:30pm if you want to talk politics before the speech starts.  The Obama site has other locations in Nebraska also.

If you want to watch the SOTU online, check out Sunlight Foundation’s coverage (we embedded it below as well).  They will have a bunch of interactive tools during and after the address. They are all about open and transparent government, so they’re a great place to watch online.

Or, the White House for the first time will have the speech streaming online with graphs and other cool tools as the President delivers the address.

We will be live tweeting both the recall and the SOTU @janekleeb and @boldnebraska.

Tonight we will give some commentary on both events right here, so come on back!

Watch the SOTU live here:

Sunlight Live – 2011 State of the Union