Bold Nebraska Action Guide

10 Things You Can Do to Ensure Local Control of Pipeline Decisions and Protect Our Resources

(Download the Action Guide as a PDF)

Nebraska groups and citizens are taking action and speaking out to protect our resources from the risky TransCanada pipeline.  Groups involved include Audubon Nebraska, Bold Nebraska, Guardians of the Good Life, Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska Green Party, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraskans for Peace and the local chapter of

Consider testifying at the hearing on the new pipeline bills, for more info click here.

1. Stay connected to
Bold Nebraska’s site is a hub for all the work being done on the pipeline.  Check out the resource page with maps, sample letters, fact sheets, talking points and a great deal of excellent information from state and national partner groups.  We post upcoming events and other groups’ websites for more information.  Click here to sign up for our email list.

2. Write “Thank You” Letters
Write “Thank You” letters to State Senators Fulton, Haar and Dubas as well as US Senators Johanns and Nelson to thank them for their efforts to protect the our state’s resources.  All of these elected officials have taken extra steps on behalf of landowners, and some are working on bills that will put state laws in place to protect our resources. Click here for elected officials’ addresses, emails and sample letters.

3. Write “Do More” Letters
Write “Do More” letters to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Governor Dave Heineman to tell them all they need to do more to protect Nebraska.  Make sure they know that most Nebraskans do not support this pipeline and that we all want further study and more community input before the US Department of State or our state government make any more decisions. Click here for elected officials’ addresses, emails and sample letters.

4. Start a Community Petition Drive
Over 800 Nebraskans have already signed the petition.  You can circulate a petition to your friends or go to local events and get other Nebraskans to join the efforts to protect our resources. Our combined voices will slow down the approval process and allow for further study and community discussion.  Click here to download the paper-version petition.  You can also circulate the online-petition via email, Facebook and Twitter with this link

5. Host a fundraising event
The event could be a church potluck, a concert, an auction or a party.  Contact to get a speaker for your event from one of the groups working on the pipeline.  Send all monies to Bold Nebraska at 1141 H Street, 3rd Floor, Lincoln, NE 68508, include a note that the funds are for the pipeline.

6. Organize education and discussion events in your community
Bold Nebraska and other groups in our state will help you with materials.  These could be at the Rotary, VFW, Kiwanis or Elks Clubs, the Firehouse, schools, churches, and local libraries or in private homes. Contact to get a speaker for your event from one of the groups working on the pipeline.

7.  Order t-shirts, bumper stickers, yard signs, buttons and information sheets
Bold Nebraska has materials that you can distribute to your friends, family and neighbors.  Email for prices.


8. Donate money
Groups want to continue our grassroots work as well as do more ads in the media.  Your donations will help us promote the efforts to protect Nebraska’s resources and pay for media to tell the facts about the dangers of the pipeline.  TransCanada is spending millions to promote their pipeline.

9. Discuss the pipeline issues
Talk with your fellow concerned citizens and develop your own action plans.  Start a conversation online.  Write a letter to the editor.  We are not alone, we are not without power and the situation is not hopeless.  If we Nebraskans all work together we can influence the decisions that affect our lives.

10. Connect online and spread the word
New media is powerful and a great tool you can use to help spread the word about the opposition to the pipeline.  Help your friends know how they can take action.  Use Facebook to share events and news from Bold Nebraska’s Facebook page.  Follow @littlebirdNE on Twitter for facts about the pipeline and news.