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President Obama’s Clean Power Plan to Reduce Carbon Pollution,
Usher in More Clean, Renewable Energy

Bold Nebraska calls on Gov. Ricketts to create a state plan now with citizen input; leave behind dead-end court cases

Lincoln — President Obama on Monday officially launched the Clean Power Plan, a flexible, common-sense rule that will cut carbon pollution from power plants by 32% from 2005 levels in a way that protects our health and environment, while maintaining an affordable, reliable energy system needed to grow Nebraska’s economy.

Former Gov. Heineman filed a lawsuit to kill the Clean Power Plan before the rule was even finalized, in a waste of Nebraska taxpayer dollars that was tossed out of court. Heineman also directed Nebraska to join two other multi-state lawsuits whose aim is to kill or weaken the Clean Power Plan.

Bold Nebraska calls on Gov. Ricketts to support the Clean Power Plan, rather than follow in his predecessor’s footsteps of obstruction and costly litigation — especially since in 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled carbon pollution can be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

“Nebraskans strongly support the development of more clean energy and efficiency programs. Creating a State Plan with citizen input is the critical next step in doing our part reduce the amount of carbon pollution in Nebraska’s air,” said Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska Director. “Denying the impacts of climate change is an option Gov. Ricketts can take, but if he does, Ricketts must explain to farmers and families why our health and economy are not priorities for his administration.”

The Clean Power Plan is an opportunity for Nebraska to begin transitioning away from coal, which currently provides up to 70% of our state’s electricity, and invest in thousands of local jobs to harness our state’s abundant wind and solar energy potential, as well as strong energy efficiency efforts that will provide a more diversified energy base.

The cities of Omaha and Lincoln are already on their way to cutting carbon emissions, with OPPD and LES committed to investing 33% and 48% of their retail energy sales in renewable energy by 2018, respectively — with projected savings for their ratepayers.

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and State Energy Office have been tasked with drafting Nebraska’s state plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan rule, and have said they will host public hearings in the fall to gather citizen input on the state plan. Bold Nebraska will work with allied groups to educate and mobilize citizens so their voices are a strong part of the State Plan.

Given the fact that we do not have a decision on Keystone XL pipeline yet, Bold Nebraska sees the Clean Power Plan as one more sign that President Obama will reject the risky pipeline. Tarsands emits 20 times the amount of carbon pollution than traditional oil, and is more difficult and expensive to clean up when pipelines spill in our land and water.

“The Clean Power Plan is a bold step to reduce carbon pollution, and rejecting Keystone XL will cement Pres. Obama’s climate legacy. We stand with President Obama today, and look forward to him standing with us as he rejects Keystone’s risk to our land and water,” stated Jane Kleeb.

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nokxl_crop art_legacy
Nebraskans created this crop art to send Pres. Obama a larger than life message that his climate legacy is tied to rejecting Keystone XL pipeline. The crop art is on Art Tanderup’s farm directly on the KXL route and created by artist John Quigley.