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Last week, President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan — a flexible, common-sense plan that will cut carbon pollution and help clean up our land, air and water.

The Clean Power Plan will generate savings that protect our health and environment, while still providing all the power we need to grow Nebraska’s economy and maintain public power’s competitive edge and the low-cost energy we all rely on to keep our state strong.

But Gov. Pete Ricketts and Attorney General Doug Peterson have announced they plan to use taxpayer dollars to file a lawsuit to kill the Clean Power Plan.(1)

We demand that Gov. Ricketts stop fighting for Big Oil and Wyoming coal at the expense of the health of Nebraskans and our land and water. Ricketts should stand up for our land and water instead of lining the pockets of Wyoming big business.

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President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is set to reduce carbon emissions from dirty coal-fired power plants nationwide by 32% from 2005 levels, while saving us billions of dollars from the negative health impacts of pollution.

The flexible proposal allows states to develop their own state-specific plans to meet Clean Power Plan goals through a mix of cutting wasted energy, improving efficiency, reducing pollution, and investing in clean, renewable energy sources.

The Nebraska Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Nebraska Energy Office are currently meeting with utilities to start drafting Nebraska’s state strategy to comply with the Clean Power Plan, and tell us they will hold public hearings later in the process.

However, Gov. Ricketts could put up another roadblock by ordering these agencies to cease working on our Clean Power Plan for Nebraska while he’s actively scheming to kill the plan in the courts.

If Nebraska fails to submit a state energy plan to comply with Clean Power Plan rules, the federal government will step in and do it for us. We need the DEQ to develop a robust plan that benefits Nebraskans, with ample opportunities for public input.

Tell Gov. Ricketts: Support the Clean Power Plan. Click here to sign the petition.

Bold Nebraska, Nebraska Sierra Club and other local groups will work together to organize citizens’ engagement in the development of Nebraska’s Clean Power Plan, to ensure our voices for clean, locally-produced energy are heard loud and clear.

We’ll send you an update when and if Gov. Ricketts and Attorney General Peterson follow through on their threat to file a lawsuit to kill the Clean Power Plan, and keep you informed of any public hearings that are scheduled.

Thanks for standing with us to protect our land, water and health.

1. “Nebraska will challenge the EPA emissions rule, attorney general says,” Omaha World-Herald, 8/4/15.