Sen. Bill Kintner

Nebraska Senator Bill Kintner has been found guilty by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission of having used his state-supplied computer to exchange videos of himself masturbating with a prostitute. The Republican Senator is now ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. (1)

Despite this shocking revelation, Kintner told reporters he refuses to resign his seat in the Nebraska Legislature.

“I think I’m where I should be right now,” Kintner said. He further went on to say his illegal activity was “sexual sin” and “is the way Satan gets to us.”

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The Omaha World-Herald reports that the Nebraska State Patrol transcript of the actual videos with the prostitute includes this exchange:

“[Kintner] protested that he couldn’t do this, that it was not right and ‘would break my wife’s heart if she knew I did this.’ But he interspersed those cautions with comments about the woman being ‘smoking hot’ and having a great body. As soon as the masturbation ends, the woman switched from encouraging Kintner into threatening to use the video against him.” (2)

Governor Pete Ricketts knew about Kintner’s sex tape for *an entire year* and did not tell the public. In fact, with full knowledge of the allegations of Kintner’s serious and illegal violations, Ricketts selected him to be a Republican delegate to the Nebraska State GOP Party Convention.

Both Ricketts and Kintner have violated the public trust. We further call on Sen. Kintner to disclose everything Gov. Ricketts knew about his cybersex scandal, and the year-long cover-up.

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2. “‘Kintner should resign his office immediately. Period,’ Ricketts says after senator used state computer for cybersex,” Omaha World-Herald, 8/5/16.

Nebraska State Patrol logs of Kintner sextapes

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