As we enter the holiday season and end of 2015, the Bold team is taking time to visit with supporters and donors to discuss our next steps. A front page article in the Lincoln Journal Star highlighted some of our next steps; please read the article and leave a comment on the newspaper’s site! You can help keep Bold strong with a donation.

We conducted a survey in 2015 to our supporters and found the vast majority want us to stop risky fossil fuel projects and help push for more renewable energy in order to protect our land and water. The survey showed folks want us to expand into issues like affordable health care, voter registration, immigration rights and campaign finance reform.

We summarized the Bold supporter survey results along with some goals for 2015 and 2016:

Bold 2015 and 2016 Goals and Survey Results

We want to hear from you on if anything has changed for you. Now that Keystone XL has been stopped, what other risky fossil fuel projects should we stop in order to protect land and water? How do you think we should support clean energy and property rights? What about building up our Made in the Neb to create a place for small businesses who want to push for progressive and populist issues?

Our mission has not and will not change–mobilize new energy to restore political balance. We showed that an unlikely alliance can change the political landscape of our state when we all took on a foreign tarsands pipeline and won! We shook up the status quo in our state and nation. We brought creativity and hard work to an issue that normally would have been decided with a bunch of lobbyists in suits behind political closed doors. Maybe it will take these bold boots kicking down the political doors, but we will do so with a smile and standing shoulder to shoulder with rural and urban communities.

There are many directions we can go…and we want you to continue to be at the table as we move into 2016 and beyond. Here’s to another Bold year!

Ponca Corn Harvest 202
Jane Kleeb and rancher Bonny Kilmurry at the Ponca Corn Harvest, Sept. 2015 Photo by Tom Cajacob for Bold Nebraska