It’s time. You, me and thousands of fellow Nebraskans head to the polls this weekend and on Tuesday to vote for our land, water, and families. Bring along the New Energy Voter Guide to help you cast your vote as a New Energy Voter.
You probably know who you are voting for at the top of the ticket. But what about all those yard signs for State Senator and NPPD? Who are all these people and where do they stand?
Bold Nebraska researched candidates all across our state and put together a New Energy Voter Guide that you as a New Energy Voter can personalize just for your area. It’s iPhone and mobile ready so you can even carry it with you in the voting booth or print it right from our site!    
If you arrive at your polling location and have a hard time voting, call 866-OUR-VOTE and a fellow Nebraskan will answer your call and get your questions answered.

New Energy Voter Checklist

2) Put   866-OUR-VOTE  into your phone so if you run into trouble voting you have it handy. The 866 site also has info on polling locations
3) Vote early or on Election Day, November 6th. Polls on Tuesday are open 8:00 am-8:00 pm.
4) On November 7th, join us in O’Neill or Lincoln to send a message to the next president that we will stop the TransCanada pipeline!
When we vote for new energy, we send a message to every politician that we are not done fighting the pipeline, we are not done standing up for our water and neighbors, and we will continue to fight until our elected representatives join us and fight for all Nebraskans.   

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