We are updating the www.nevoter.org site with the winners, but for now, here is the list of state senators who won and will serve you in the Unicam. We note who is “good” on clean energy and the pipeline. While some that have “good” next to their name support the pipeline, many signed on to a letter asking for stronger protections to a letter to Clinton last year.

The summary for the Unicam is:
Not good = 6
Good = 15
Unclear = 5

We hope these senators will amend the eminent domain law to protect landowner property rights (i.e. no private pipeline for private gain should get eminent domain rights, if the government cannot use eminent domain for private gain, an oil pipeline should not be able to use it either!). We also hope these senators work to increase the % of renewable, homegrown Nebraska energy since right now over 85% of our energy in Nebraska comes from imported coal. We need to see more wind, biogas, biofuels, solar and efficiency so we can grow our economy, grow rural towns and move towards a more diverse energy portfolio that is good for our land, air and water.

Barack Obama (good)
Join us today in Lincoln or O’Neill for a picture to send the President a clear message #nokxl

US Senate
Deb Fischer (really not good)
Fischer thought the pipeline cutting thru the heart of the Sandhills was safe and joked around with TransCanada lobbyists while landowners were testifying on protecting their land.

House of Representatives
Lee Terry, NE2 (really not good)
Jeff Fortenberry, NE1 (good/mixed, we hope he is the one member of Congress representing our state that stays with landowners on pipeline)
Adrian Smith, NE3 (really not good)

UNICAM (aka state senate)
Dan Watermeier (not good)
Bill Kinter (not good)
Scott Price (not good)
Charlie Janssen (really not good)
Jerry Johnson (really not good)
Beau McCoy (really not good)

Heath Mello (good)
Jeremy Nordquist (good)
Sara Howard (good)
Ernie Chambers (good)
Tanya Cook (good)
Dave Bloomfield (good)
Ken Haar (good)
Kathy Campbell (good)
Colby Coash (good)
Kate Bolz (good)
Rick Kowoloski (good)
Mike Gloor (good)
Kate Sullivan (good)
Galen Hadley (good)
Sue Crawford (good)

Jim Scheer (unclear)
Les Seiler (unclear)
Al Davis (unclear)
Ken Schilz (oh Schilz, mixed bag, unclear)
John Murante (unclear)

PPD (public power boards)
Fred Christensen, NPPD (very good!)
Bruce Tegtmeier, Norris Public Power (good)
Mike Cavanaugh, Omaha Public Power (not good)
Gary Hedman, Southern Public Power (not good and this race was close to retire Gary who is one of TC biggest cheerleaders)
*We did not list all of the winners of the Public Power boards because we did not follow all of the races but in 2014 will have a clear focus on these critical energy boards. You can see the NE SOS results of all energy boards, click here.