Routes unveiled…all of the routes still cross the Sandhills and still cross the Ogallala Aquifer. TransCanada’s pipeline still carries toxic tarsands and still carries too much risk to our families and communities.

All of the routes are unacceptable and show once again we can not trust TransCanada.

Download the Initial Report Identifying Alternative and Preferred Corridors for Nebraska Reroute

Map of TransCanada’s prefered route (also included in full report in link above)

I am literally standing with a landowner whose land this pipeline still crosses in the Sandhills. So unless I am standing on a mirage, it still crosses the Sandhills.

If Transcanada cared about our state, landowners, water and Sandhills they would have proposed a safer, more responsible route instead of trying to play games with landowners.

Images below are areas that will still be crossed by TransCanada’s pipeline as well as picture of Karl and Ernie, two landowners fighting the pipeline