Please join us at the capitol at 2pm on Wed. April 11th to help keep the Unicameral accountable for passing a bill that “rubber stamps” a route for TransCanada.

Ben will have signs (see below) that folks can hold outside the chamber as they cast their vote. The signs call out the “Pipeline Six” and rubber stamping TransCanada’s route.

You can also ask your senator to come out (or call/email them) and explain why they voted for the bill and/or for us to be standing in a line holding the signs when they come out after they vote.

The session starts at 1:30pm on Wed. and we expect LB 1161 to come up about 2pm.

See the schedule for tomorrow’s vote. 

If you can not join us, you can watch the vote online.

For more info on the bill, check out an earlier blog post.