Dear Pipeline Fighters,

To celebrate our historic victory over Keystone XL this year, our designer made this awesome commemorative Keystone XL Victory “boot” Sticker: “Boots Beat Big Oil Suits.”

To get your sticker, we’re asking for a suggested donation of at least $1, which covers the cost of the sticker and shipping.

Everything beyond that amount you give goes to support our Bold next steps to protect our land, water and climate, and hold our elected officials accountable. 

All in? Click here to invest in our Bold next steps and get your “Boots Beat Big Oil Suits” Keystone XL victory sticker.

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Bold Next Steps: Goals for 2016

Your donation is an investment in the goals Bold Nebraska will work to achieve in 2016:

  • Expand the Bold Nebraska model into the “Bold Alliance” — a network of small and mighty groups in red and rural states taking on Big Oil and Big Coal.
  • Stop projects that risk our land and water, and support locally-made, clean energy.
  • Urge the Legislature to repeal the unconstitutional pipeline law (LB 1161), and enact stronger property rights that put power back in the hands of landowners.
  • Hold our elected officials accountable, to ensure all members of our communities contribute to and enjoy in “the Good Life.”
  • Ensure Nebraska develops a Clean Power Plan that includes more renewable energy projects, along with Ag-based solutions like no-till farming, water sensors, biofuels and turning animal waste into energy.
  • Show our power at the polls with the New Energy Voter Guide, to help navigate which politicians stand with “We the People.”
  • Build the “Made in the Neb” network of small businesses that want to protect our land and water, to help transform Nebraska into a state with the kind of creative, sustainable community that attracts and retains young people.

The Keystone XL Victory Sticker is a great way to show your Pipeline Fighter pride and invest in our Bold plans.

Put it on your laptop, coffee mug, cell phone, bike, or the bumper of your car (or tractor)!

Click here to get your “Boots Beat Big Oil Suits” sticker and invest in our Bold next steps.

The boots on the ground in our state made all the difference in the fight against Keystone XL. We built a family of pipeline fighters who had each other’s backs.

This holiday season, we give thanks to our Bold family for the love and strength you brought forward every day.

Thanks for standing with us.

Jane Kleeb and the Bold Nebraska team

P.S. If you’d rather not celebrate with a sticker, you can just make a donation. Click here.