Gov. Heineman announced he is calling a special session to deal with pipeline issues. The state senators will report to the state capitol on Nov. 1st to hopefully pass significant pieces of legislation to deal with not only the route of the pipeline but also major gaps in our laws on items such as landowner liability, eminent domain, road repairs, water quality and more.

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Bold Nebraska Press Statement


At an afternoon press conference today, Governor Heineman announced tht he is calling the Nebraska legislature into a special session to debate oil pipeline regulations. This reversal from the Governor is welcome news to citizens and groups fighting the pipeline.

Jane Kleeb, the Executive Director of Bold Nebraska, said, “I will take the Governor at his word that he is calling a special session to deal with the route of the pipeline. Bold Nebraska will continue to stand with landowners like Randy and citizens from across our state to ensure regulations get passed in this special session that have real meaning. Now that Governor Heineman has called a special session, we look forward to seeing his bill to protect our land and water that specifically gets the pipeline out of the Sandhills and out of the heart of the Ogallala Aquifer.”

Kleeb continued, “Nebraska has the authority to route oil pipelines. We have the authority to require bond for road repairs. We have the authority to make sure landowners are not liable for oil spills. The list is long on what our state can do to ensure our land and water are safe. Because right now, in our state, my hair dresser has more regulations to follow than oil pipelines.”


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OWH Story

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman delivered another Keystone XL pipeline surprise Monday, calling for a special session on the controversial project.

The session will begin Nov. 1, Heineman said.

Heineman’s proclamation came five days after Sen. Mike Flood, Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature, turned thumbs down on the idea, saying Nebraska would risk an expensive lawsuit if senators passed a law at this late date.

It also comes a week after TransCanada offered several additional safety steps it would take. Heineman said Monday, “We’re all focused on safety, but the issue is the route.”