The walking dead will take over downtown Lincoln this weekend while Beck fans will swarm the Lincoln Memorial.  We’ll let you make your own comparisons there.  Here’s your Roundup:


Get Crackin’: The salmonella egg outbreak is getting a lot of people riled up about food safety, particularly the media.  The LJS editorial board is taking a firm position on the food safety bill that has been stalled in the Senate (Nelson is a co-sponsor, Johanns is not).  Their message: pass it already. View Here

Dear Governor: Please read this article about the high costs of pushing Arizona-like immigration in your own state. Obviously, Nebraska is not the tourist hot spot that Florida or even Colorado is, but even Utah is hesitant to pass legislation citing increased detention costs.  Doesn’t Nebraska have some sort of budget concern?  Oh right, a $751 million shortfall.  View Here

I Have a Scheme: The Daily Show may not be a journalistic news source, but Jon Stewart’s humor frequently cuts through all the political rhetoric to truth in ways CNN just can’t.  Stewart took particular issue with Beck’s impending rally this weekend.  We might watch Beck’s 8/28 rally just out of morbid curiosity.  View Here

Do the Math: Joe Tone over at the Pitch Blog is more than miffed at Kris Kobach.  Kobach is the lawyer who helped write the Fremont immigration ordinance and will now defend it.  He’s pulled the same thing in Hazelton, PA and Farmers Branch, TX.  We wouldn’t be shocked if he sold snake oil on the side.  View Here


Thursday, August 26th

 The Department of Justice is hosting a hearing in Fort Collins about concentration in the cattle industry.  This happens once in our lifetimes, so make your voice heard!  In other food news, Trafficanda Egg Ranch and Cardenas Market eggs have been added to the recall. So check your fridge!  Here’s your Roundup:

 Know Your Farmer: CNN’s picking up on the growing local food movement.  Today they cover a cage free farm in Florida.  No salmonella or extra hormones in these eggs.  Join the local food movement and  head to your local farmers markets on Saturday.  View Here

Find your local farmers market

Stimulus Green: Green energy that is.  After yesterday’s report about stimulus created jobs, there’s more good news.  Time magazine looks at the stimulus as an investment in green technology.  One-sixth of the stimulus is going to green energy, and Time calls it the most ambitious energy bill in history.  Stimulus money is also being used to increase access to broadband, invest in a high speed passenger rail network, and digitize health records.  Think of the stimulus as America investing in itself first.  View Here

Child Welfare: The state legislature’s health and human services committee shut families out of verbally testifying at a hearing about the state’s child welfare programs yesterday.  Nebraska’s been making moves to privatize the services.  This was yet another example in a long list of what the Heineman and Johanns’ administrations have done wrong to fragile communities. And has anybody considered talking to the kids?  View Here

Oxymoron: Appleseed’s request to immediately restore prenatal benefits to hundreds of women across Nebraska was denied yesterday.  The legislature let benefits expire this year at the behest of “pro-life” Governor Heineman because some of the recipients are illegal immigrants.  The lawsuit will move forward, though this injunction has been denied.  View Here

Yup, He’s Gay: Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is coming out of the closet.  He’s been working with the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the same organization that is leading the fight for same sex marriage in California.  Mehlman is joining a growing list of Repubs who support same sex marriage.  View Here

The Living Dead: Lincoln’s Zombie Walk is this Saturday.  We could use the zombies to come out again for Trick or Vote!


Wednesday, August 25th

Jimmy Carter’s in North Korea today.  He’s there to negotiate the release of an America prisoner and massage tense relations between North Korea and the US.  We think that’s a far better present than a souvenir shirt reading, “My former president went to North Korea and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”  Here’s your Roundup:

Fulton at Bat: Another lawmaker stepped up to the pipeline plate this week.  State Senator Tony Fulton has sent a letter to the State Department demanding more information on the oil pipeline TransCanada wants to build through Nebraska.  Let’s see more state officials follow his lead.  View Here

While You Were Sleeping: Last night’s primaries in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma and Vermont will be saturating the press today.  The biggest story is the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida.  In a narrow upset, the GOP electorate picked a billionaire who’s defrauded the Medicare and Medicaid system.  But he can pay his own campaign, so there’s your bright side GOP since we know your national campaign bank account is dwindling these days.  View Here

It’s Working: A new report from the nonpartisan CBO says the stimulus is working.  Last quarter it reduced the unemployment rate and created jobs.  We expect Lee Terry to take full credit in his next campaign ad.  View Here

Life v. Life: A federal judge ruled yesterday that executive branch can’t fund stem cell research.  That ruling may cost the Med Center nearly $800,000 in grant support from the National Institute of Health.  UNMC’s moving forward while waiting for word if their current funding will be retracted.  View Here

Would You Like Heart Disease With That: A provision in the health care law requires restaurants with over 20 locations to have nutritional info on all their menus.  The FDA is touting this as a move towards personal responsibility and education in the fight against obesity.  We’re relieved that everyone will finally know P.F. Chang’s Wok-Charred Beef has 10,045 milligrams of sodium (that’s about 5 days worth of salt).  View Here

An Ounce of Prevention: The American Cancer Society doesn’t like Johanns’s bill to repeal parts of the health care law any more than we do.  In an effort to ease paperwork for small businesses, the Senator is pillaging the funding for preventative health programs.  The ACS is most astutely aware of the need for prevention.  View Here


Tuesday, August 24th

Last night Miss Mexico won the Miss Universe pageant, and today’s the OWH 125th birthday.  And we must say it doesn’t look a day over 100.  Here’s your Roundup:

 Talk to the Hand: The Lincoln Journal Star has provided great coverage on the pipeline over the past few months.  Now, the LJS Editorial Board has jumped in and made their voice crystal clear, TransCanada should back off.  View Here

No Fights On Our BDay Please: It may be their birthday, but OWH isn’t taking a break or even slowing down their coverage.  The fight over the city budget in Omaha is ratcheting up again (really, it’s practically a cage match up there).  Now the city council’s debating revenue increases and locked in a 4-3 split.  The council needs 5 votes to pass the mayor’s budget.  View Here

Looking Good: Omaha’s got 24 snazzy new buses thanks to $7.8 million in help from the stimulus (but don’t tell conservatives who hate that word).  With new buses comes a new name, MAT will now simply be known as “Metro.”  Senator Nelson weighs in on the benefits of the hot new rides.  View Here

It’s Not a Mosque: Just to be clear, they want to build a cultural community center with an Islamic worship space NEAR Ground Zero–there is no mosque being built at Ground Zero.  Joe Jordan rounds up perspectives from Nebraska politicians.  View Here

Hagel Endorses a Dem?: If you were wondering where in the world Chuck Hagel has been, he’s been chilling in DC working on the president’s Intelligence Advisory Board and teaching at Georgetown.  Now he’s endorsing Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania.  It’s nice to see that someone not only talks the bipartisan talk but walks the bipartisan walk.  View Here

Congress Considers with Farmers: Work has already started on the 2012 farm bill, but shares several other important bills that are pending in both chambers.  View Here


Monday, August 23rd

The school year’s in full swing in Nebraska this week.  Most elementary, junior high and high schools have started classes, and the universities are starting today.  Learn something new this year, kido!  Here’s your Roundup:

Get Tested: An important editorial in the OWH about the troubling rates of STDs in Douglas County.  Since we sat across from Planned Parenthood at the Big Red Welcome last night, we know they’ve got some awesome services and can answer just about any question.  View Here

Decorated: Senator Nelson has received the Harry S. Truman Award from the National Guard Association this year.  It’s the NGAs highest honor and past recipients have included Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.  View Here

Ask Nicely: Forms for state aid requests went out today from the CMS to state governors.  Governors will have to apply if they want to receive any share of $16 billion to help pay for Medicaid.  In case you forgot, our own Governor Heineman signed the National Governors Association letter in February that asked Congress for help with Medicaid.  No word yet if Heineman will apply.  View Here

Money, Money, Money, MO-NAY: The ever insightful Paul Krugman at the NY Times breaks down the cost of keeping the Bush Tax Cuts.  Ask yourself this folks, do the Kardashians really need MORE money?  View Here