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Energy Barn Update

For the month of November, the New Energy Barn in the path of the Keystone Export pipeline produced 244 kilowatt-hours of electricity for Nebraska’s public power grid.  That’s enough energy to charge the average cell phone for 7.6 years.  As of December 1, the Energy Barn has produced 3.87 megawatts of electricity, which is enough energy to charge the average cell phone for 120 years!


New Energy News

Central City Develops Community Solar Project: The small central Nebraska town of Central City announced in late November that it has installed a 25kW solar panel system that will generate power onto the town’s grid.  The system cost about $75K, or $3/watt, and will also take advantage of a 30% tax credit.  Central City is looking at expanding the system, maybe even by double.  Read more here:

Lincoln Electric System will be 48% Renewable by 2016: Lincoln Electric system has announced that it will be adding a significant amount of wind and solar generation to its portfolio, which would put the utility at 48% renewables by 2016.  This move would make LES the state leader in terms of renewable portfolio percentage.  Read more here:

The move, which would purchase most of the wind power from Kansas, has received a mixed reaction from the Nebraska Farmers Union, which has long advocated for the development of Nebraska wind:

To read Bold’s post and response to the news from LES:

Minnesota could be 50% Renewable by 2030: The state of Minnesota is on track to get at least half of its power from renewable sources within 15 years.  Due to the plummeting costs of wind and solar construction, the state is seeing a rapid growth in installations and expects that trend to continue.  Such growth will generate billions of dollars in economic activity and create thousands of permanent jobs for the state’s residents.  Read more here:

Upcoming events

January NEAT meetings scheduled: Landowners along the proposed Keystone Export pipeline route are invited to meet with the Nebraska Easement Action Team in January.  The meetings are scheduled for Jan. 9th in O’Neill and Jan. 15th in York.  Find out more here:

Local Chef Awards Dinner in Omaha: The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society will be having its 2nd annual Local Chef Award dinner at Metro Community College in Omaha on Jan. 25th.  Tickets for the event can be purchased here:

Bold Nebraska is one of the event sponsors.  To find out more, click here: