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Bold Nebraska to Host Nebraska’s First “Diner Project” Breakfast on Sunday at Hub Café in Lincoln

Project aims to bring Americans together for one-on-one conversations over breakfast 

Lincoln — This Sunday morning, Bold Nebraska will host Nebraska’s first Diner Project event, a new venture that brings Americans together for one-on-one conversations over breakfast.

“The idea is simple,” says Ben Gotschall, Bold’s Agriculture and Local Foods Director. “When we work together, we win. The Diner Project is designed to bring Americans together for good old-fashioned conversations: face-to-face, without Facebook, cell phones or fake news. After watching the grueling campaign season, many people realized that Americans need a new way to come together.”

Nebraska’s first Diner Day will be held at the Hub Cafe in Lincoln, a local food venue that utilizes and promotes Nebraska’s farm-to-fork movement. Lincoln, Nebraska’s Capitol, is in Lancaster County, which was fairly evenly split between Trump and Clinton voters in the 2016 Presidential election. The state’s non-partisan legislature, which has recently had its own ideological spats, also convenes just a few blocks away from the Hub.

But arguing about the inaugural address, or wading into the he-said, she-said of state senators’ rhetoric won’t be the topic of the day.

“We need to put politics aside for at least a little while, and focus on what we share, rather than what makes us different,” says Gotschall. “Having a conversation over biscuits and gravy seems like a good place to start.”

The Diner Project is a national initiative that aims to bring 1,000 Americans together for conversations before the end of the year. To sign up to host a Diner Day in your community, please visit

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