Bold Nebraska joined 30 health care and other local groups in a letter urging Nebraska’s representatives in Congress “not to repeal the Affordable Care Act without first having a replacement plan that builds on its foundation, that allows everyone to keep their health insurance, and that provides for affordable, meaningful coverage and consumer protections.”

The Omaha World-Herald featured the letter in a story:

“The letter says Congress should “protect and build on the coverage gains made under the Affordable Care Act, not go backwards. … Nebraskans are currently reaping the benefits of more affordable, meaningful coverage with increased consumer protections.”

The letter lists ACA provisions that prohibit denying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, charging women more than men and excluding mental health therapy, and provisions requiring free preventive screenings and prescription drug coverage.

“With these things in mind, repeal and delay is not an effective or responsible strategy,” the letter said. “Nebraskans deserve to know the future of their health care prior to the existing insurance system being overhauled.”

Letter to Nebraska’s Representatives on Affordable Care Act