Just like we did in 2011, we’ve put together a roundup of the bills we’re following closely in the 2012 legislative session. Some laws were held over from the 2011 session, and others are brand new. Our guide has also gone through some changes. Below we explain how to use our new guide and list the issue categories of bills we’re watching this year.

How to use this guide:

We have put bills under issue categories so you can jump right to the ones you care most about. You can also explore our issue list for background material and more resources. For each bill we include:

  • Its number: Each bill has an official number, we link that info to the bill’s page on the Unicameral’s website
  • Bold’s position: We’ll tell you if Bold supports or opposes a bill
  • A brief summary: So you don’t have to read pages of legaleeze, we try to summarize each bill’s contents
  • The bill’s current status: To understand a bill’s status, check out this flow chart on how a bill becomes a law in Nebraska; we also try to give you a heads up on where we think the bill’s going
  • How to take action: Whether it’s contacting the committee, attending a hearing or emailing your state senator, we’ll let you know how to help
  • Other groups: It’s no fun to go it alone! that’s why we’ve listed other organizations working on bills

Issue Categories

  • Homegrown Energy and the Pipeline
    • LB 756–“Siting the Pipeline with Transparency” SUPPORT
    • LB 845–“More Reclamation Protect” SUPPORT
    • LB 885–“Green Government Buildings” SUPPORT
    • LB 1025–“Clean the PSC” SUPPORT
    • LB 1044–“PSC Creates Pipeline Rules” SUPPORT
    • LB 1134–“Restrict Eminent Domain Threats”SUPPORT
    • LB 1161–“Another Free Pass for TransCanada” OPPOSE

  • Government Accountability
    • LB 239–“Photo ID Required to Vote” OPPOSE
    • LB 754–“Shine a Light on AFP” SUPPORT
    • LB 912–“Stop Equal Protection Ordinances” OPPOSE
    • LB 970–“Heineman’s Tax Shift” OPPOSE
    • LB 1025–“Clean the PSC” SUPPORT
    • LR 373CA–“Pay State Senators Fairly” SUPPORT
  • Healthy Communities
    • LB 507–“Help Young Adults Excel” SUPPORT
    • LB 712–“Your Birth, Your Way” SUPPORT
    • LB 753–“Pop Is Not Food” SUPPORT
    • LB 842–“Keep ADC Opportunies Open” SUPPORT
    • LB 850–“Grow Our Rural Communities” SUPPORT