Meet our state bird and our spokesperson on the pipeline, the Meadowlark…

“I like singing, making my nest, sitting on fences and eating bugs. I dislike cats, my shrinking habitat and the Keystone XL pipeline. You can help me protect Nebraska. Take action today using the all the links below.

Be sure to follow me, A Little Bird, on Twitter for updates on the TransCanada pipeline. I like to tweet!

You can read all about the pipeline on our Resource Page and watch how the bills are coming along in our State Unicameral.

Some good recent news stories on the pipeline are over 100 citizens led a hearing on the Keystone XL and the Unicameral’s Natural Resources Committee voted LB 629 out to the floor for a full vote.  It’s a small start to protecting the land.”


  1. SIGN the petition to national and Nebraska elected officials
  2. DOWNLOAD the Action Guide that has 10 things you can do to help stop the pipeline (make sure you check out the cool PDF version)
  3. READ more on our Pipeline Resource Page
  4. WRITE a letter to our Governor, State Senators, US Senators, President Obama or Sec. Clinton on why you want to stop the pipeline
  5. THANK State Senator Kate Sullivan for introducing, prioritizing and adamantly pushing legislation to protect our land and water
  6. FOLLOW me, the little state bird of Nebraska, on Twitter
  7. DONATE to help us continue our work on the pipeline
  8. ATTEND a Pipeline event or training