TransCanada is messing with the wrong Texas grandmom. Eleanor Fairchild, great-grandmother and wife to a retired oil scientist, has stood strong against the Keystone XL pipeline because of the way TransCanada treats landowners and because tarsands is not traditional crude oil. Tarsands is an extreme and risky form of energy headed to the export market.

The pictures and video are compelling of actress Daryl Hannah and landowner Eleanor Fairchild being arrested for “trespassing” on Eleanor’s own land at TransCanada’s orders. TransCanada is a bad actor, bullying American landowners to force them to sign land over using eminent domain for their private gain. We need more voices helping protecting landowners. Help us tell the other side of the pipeline story.

Pics of Eleanor and Daryl
Video of Eleanor and Daryl

When TransCanada arrived on Eleanor Fairchild’s Texas farm without prior warning to remove trees and clear land, she decided to take action to halt their progress. Fairchild, who has been bullied by the foreign pipeline company attempting to build the “southern leg” of the Keystone XL pipeline, was arrested on her own farm when she stood in front of their heavy machinery. Daryl Hannah, actress and activist, stood alongside Fairchild in taking a peaceful stand to block TransCanada’s clearing of trees, the very trees TransCanada told Eleanor they will not replant.

More About Eleanor Fairchild:

Eleanor Fairchild and her husband bought their land when her husband retired as an oil industry geologist. Eleanor says, “Tar sands is the dirtiest fuel on the planet, and I want the world to know that Texans do not want this pipeline forced through their homes.” She continued, “From the White House to my house, I don’t want this pipe threatening anyone’s house anywhere in the world!”

Video of Eleanor describing recent abuses by TransCanada:

Video of Eleanor in a NRDC video from last year:

Video of Eleanor in a NWF video from last year:

Daryl Hannah and Eleanor Fairchild Defend Her Farm From Keystone XL

Eleanor Fairchild Defending Her Farm From Keystone XL

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Paul Bassis, 707-223-2547,, to interview Eleanor Fairchild and Daryl Hannah about the action on Fairchild Farm