In response to breaking news that TransCanada will resubmit their federal application to the US State Department as early as Friday…

“The fundamental facts remain, Americans are being asked to put clean water at risk and Nebraskans are being asked to give up their property rights for an extreme form of energy that will add nothing to our energy security. We are subsidizing this extreme form of energy to boot with over 1 billion of our tax payer dollars used to retrofit a Saudi-owned refinery for their tarsands headed straight to the export market. A transparent process at the federal level will show TransCanada’s risky pipeline is not in our national interest. A transparent process at the state level will show a route that crosses the Ogallala Aquifer is too risky, just as Governor Heineman said to the President when he asked Obama to deny the pipeline permit.”  

-Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska

Update, May 4, State Dept confirmed that TransCanada has applied for a new permit.

For more info on the risky tarsands pipeline, click here for a background document.

Below are pictures of the Sandhills that the “proposed route” still crosses and landowners standing up to TransCanada to protect their land and water.