Reporters from the Toronto Star traveled the proposed TransCanada pipeline route to talk with landowners and citizens.

Watch the video from their trip, it’s 13 minutes and profiles Nebraskans and our friend Paul up in North Dakota.

The written article in the Toronto Star also features Nebraskans and folks all along the route.

If this is your first time on Bold’s site here are a few good links:

NEAT: New group is now helping put the power back in the hands of landowners when it comes to legal aspects and land easements. Landowners and citizens not in the pipeline route also encouraged to be supporters of NEAT. Most critical right now, do NOT let TransCanada or DEQ on your land.

Pipeline Info Page: We keep a running list of resources.

Citizen Lawsuit: Help us fund the lawsuit against the state of Nebraska’s unconstitutional pipeline law regarding the route and eminent domain.