Update 12/28: We have reached our goal of 91 Nebraskans telling us they’ve sent holiday cards to Obama! Of course, we encourage everyone to keep writing the president asking him to deny the Keystone XL permit. Thanks for all your hard work and continued pressure on our elected officials. Have a happy and bold New Year!

We know the decision to conduct more studies on TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline was not an easy one for President Obama. We also know while it was a tough decision, it was the right decision.

It’s right for our land, water and families health, not to mention right for getting America on the path to energy independence since TransCanada finally confirmed that the oil is not guaranteed for the United States.

This holiday season, as you send out cards to family and friends, please include one to President Obama. Tell him you appreciate his decision to protect our families. 

We want to show President Obama that Nebraskans are standing with him as he stands up to Big Oil. We ultimately hope he denies the permit for TransCanada’s KXL pipeline, but he will not do that unless he continues to hear from us.

Where do I send my letter? Please fill out the form below so we can count you towards the goal of 91 letters from Nebraskans, then send your letter to the address below.

The White House
President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Our goal? We want to get 91 Nebraskans to send a card symbolizing the potential 91 leaks that could happen if the pipeline is approved.

Why are we doing this? We hope that at least one of our cards gets to the President’s desk since he reads 10 letters from Americans across our country everyday. The real voices of Nebraskans helped the President make his decision, so we need our voices to still ring loud.

Other tips? Be as creative as you want–decorate the envelope, include a picture of your family, put a picture of the Sandhills, talk about how you have taken action to protect our state. Make sure you include your mailing address on the envelope as well as on your letter. Including your email address and phone number is also a great idea.

And don’t forget to share the spirit with your friends on facebook or send a tweet!

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Send a holiday card to @barackobama thanking him for protecting land, water and health http://bit.ly/rusnkR #noKXL