Two great events are happening this week.  One thanks Gov. Heineman in advance for doing the right thing on the pipeline. The second event involves pumpkins, kids, you and friends.

Thank You (in advance): Dedicated pipeline fighters bring homemade gifts to the Governor’s Mansion every Monday at noon. Just bring your gift and thank you note to the gates of the Governor’s mansion at 1425 H Street in Lincoln.

We are thanking the Governor (in advance) for doing the right thing and calling a special session to re-route the pipeline. Sure, he has not done this yet…but we have faith in him.

Folks are dropping off items like Nebraska-native flowers, homemade food, and fresh water to show Heineman exactly what is it at stake in Nebraska.

If you can’t join us at noon, then drop your gift and card off to his office inside the state capitol.

See pictures of items Nebraskans dropped off, remember we do this every Monday at noon at 1425 H street.

Pumpkins Against the Pipeline: Join us on October 22nd for a fun event with jack-o-lanterns and a march to the Governor’s Mansion. Bring your kids, pets and friends. Feel free to wear costumes.

At 7pm, on Oct. 22nd, we will march to the Governor’s mansion with pumpkins and a loud and clear message that 91 leaks are scary, and we need him to act now to protect our land and water. Meet at the Bold office, 1141 H Street in Lincoln.

If you can’t join us, we’re also asking people to carve their own pumpkins with pipeline messages. Many of you carved pumpkins in 2008 for Barack Obama. Now we’re asking you to carve new messages to the President and our state leaders.

You can get some stencil inspiration from 2008, just click here.

Better yet, volunteer Kurt in the pics below, sent us this great No Keystone XL pumpkin stencil.