A large crowd–over 150 folks–showed up on Sunday afternoon for the Pipeline Education and Action Forum.  

A huge thank you to local citizens Lynda and Cindy who helped organize the event.  Groups including Farmers Union, Sierra Club, Bold, Audubon, Guardians of the Good Life and NWF provided materials and speakers for the forum. Later this week we will post the full speech of landowner Randy Thompson (who I consider a rockstar).

If you attended and are looking for some links to reports and action we discussed, please see below.

Check out our News section and the TransCanada Resource page for other information and stories written on the pipeline.


Department of State’s website on the Keystone XL pipeline
View website, you can download all of their reports and documents from their website

Public comment section on the Dept. of State’s Supplemental Environmental Study
The public can comment until June 6th (just click on this link). We need Nebraskans writing in saying the study is still inadequate for the unique Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer and that the pipeline is not in the United State’s interest


Nebraska LR 435 Interim Study on Oil Pipelines, this includes detailed information from UNL professors and other experts
Download PDF

UNL’s Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources paper opposing the potential pipeline extension 

Profile of individuals affected by pipeline, Nebraskan Ben Gotschall is profiled

Plains Justice faulty steel report
View PDF, also View Article on TransCanada’s faulty steel and View article on TransCanada using Indian steel instead of American steel

Blog post about the Congressional memo that proves state’s regulate oil pipeline route and eminent domain (not the federal govt)
View post and download memo 


Call Sen. Langemeier or email his office (402-471-2719, clangemeier@leg.ne.gov), tell him to get his facts straight.  The Natural Resources Committee has power to do the following and they need to exercise their duty now! Ask him to ensure all 3 pipeline bills in his committee get a full debate and vote on the floor of the Unicameral.

  • Siting and routing of oil pipelines
  • Easement and eminent domain process and terms
  • Easement abandonment
  • Emergency response planning
  • Liability for spills
  • Bonding for road construction and/or repair
  • Regulation of neighboring land uses