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Keystone XL Public Hearings in Plainview & O’Neill: How to Submit Testimony

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, and a promise from Joe Biden to stop the pipeline if he wins the election for President, TransCanada is continuing to push forward with local permits it still needs in Nebraska for its proposed Keystone XL project. Bold is not encouraging any kind of gatherings of Pipeline Fighters right now, during […]
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TransCanada Bribed Nebraska County Commissioner with $49,000 “Bonus” if “Works Well With Them” to Get KXL Built

Canadian pipeline company TransCanada (now called “TC Energy”) bribed a Nebraska County Commissioner, offering a “bonus” of $49,000 if the Commissioner “worked well with them” to see that its controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline project was ushered through to completion. The details of the bribe are laid out in a “conflict of interest” disclosure letter […]
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