Did you get a call from the Koch Brothers this weekend?

We’ve heard reports from several of you that Americans for Prosperity–the front group backed by the oil billionaire brothers–was calling Nebraskans this weekend and urging them to come to the York County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday morning to speak IN FAVOR OF the Keystone XL pipeline and against environmental activists.

The Commissioners will be voting on a resolution opposing tarsands and crude oil pipelines, like Keystone XL, passing through the county. The resolution was written and introduced by the Good Life Alliance, a group of local landowners, farmers and ranchers in York County who think KXL is all risk and no reward and who want to protect their land, water and homes for future generations.

Can we count on you to stand with us in York on Tuesday, to support citizens fighting Keystone XL and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity?

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  • What: Support Citizens Resolution Against Tarsands Pipelines
  • Where: York County Commissioners Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, July 9 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Location: York County Courthouse, 510 North Lincoln Avenue, York, NE 68467

The full text of the Good Life Alliance resolution reads:

“The County Commission Board of York County, Nebraska, realizes the risks of Tar Sands and Crude oil pipelines to our citizens and resources and oppose any pipeline of this nature in our county. Should this county be forced to bear the risks of such pipelines, this Board will exercise the full extent of its powers to protect the health and welfare of the citizens and resources, as well as minimize the economic burden to residents of York County. Nothing in this resolution is meant to pre-empt federal or state laws.”

We need you to stand with us even if you can’t be there in York on Tuesday.

Will you show solidarity with the Good Life Alliance and other Pipeline Fighters standing up to protect our land, water and planet against the risky Keystone XL tarsands pipeline and Big Oil interests?

Submit an email comment supporting the Citizens Resolution Against Tarsands to York County Commission President Kurt Bulgrin:
kurtbulgrin@hotmail.com (please also CC landowner Meghan Hammond at:m_hammond06@hotmail.com)

To: Kurt Bulgrin, kurtbulgrin@hotmail.com
CC: Meghan Hammond, m_hammond06@hotmail.com
From: Pipeline Fighter
Subject: I support the citizen resolution against tarsands

(Include your personal message here supporting the citizen resolution opposing tarsadns and crude oil pipelines in York County, Nebraska. We do not need a risky tarsands pipeline like Keystone XL running through our land and water.)


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