We stopped the pipeline in 2011 because citizens organized, held events and showed up making their voices loud and clear we did not want this pipeline risking our land, water and property rights. Bold and partner groups are continuing our efforts to ensure our voices stop the pipeline again. Our best guess on timing for the President to make a decision is June/July 2013 with draft environmental review from the State Department in March (there is a comment period before the President makes a decision). More info on Bold Nebraska and partner group plans for the State Dept. Hearing, click here

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Quick Info

Background on the pipeline: research and other info we gathered over the past 3 years, click here.

Lawsuit info: Citizens sued the state of Nebraska for the unconstitutional DEQ pipeline route process–governed by LB 1161. Citizens wont the first round of the lawsuit. We expect the trial to take place in June or July 2013. If we win, the proposed route is thrown out and TransCanada must go through the Nebraska Public Service Commission for approval and they won’t have eminent domain power until they have all of their state and federal permit, for more details click here.

Landowners in proposed route: NEAT is a legal team to help you and put the power back in your hands, for info on meetings and information on eminent domain, click here.

Recent blog post on current news: Everything from who to send letters, timeline on decision and more, https://boldnebraska.org/updates_kxl

State Dept. Hearing and Comments

Submit Your Comment to State Dept.
Submit your formal comment to the State Dept while letting us know you will attend the State Dept. hearing and if you want to help volunteer to get ready for the hearing. Comments are due April 22, 2013. Even if you submitted a comment last year, it is critical you submit a comment again. We are collecting them this way because the State Dept. did lose several comments. We will then send them all in at once to the State Dept. 

Comment link: http://tinyurl.com/KXLhearing

Attend the State Dept. Hearing
Nebraska is the only state to get a hearing on this phase of the State Dept.’s Environmental Review. Details below and on our special page with lots of info about our plans around the hearing.

State Dept. Hearing
April 18th, noon-8pm CT (registration to speak/testify starts at 11am, a break happens from 3:30-4pm)
Heartland Events Center, 700 East Stolley Park Rd., Grand Island
More info on Bold Nebraska and partner group plans, click here

Current Action: How You Can Help

1) LTEs: Writing letters to the editor (LTE) is a critical action we can all take to help stop the pipeline. If you wrote testimony to the DEQ or eminent domain hearing, we suggest submitting this as a LTE to your local paper. You can also write about your experience in DC at the rally or focus on a specific issue like the lack of a proper water study, eminent domain or that the new proposed route crosses the Ponca Trail of Tears. Click here for tips on writing to your local paper and to get contact info for your local paper.

2) Handwritten Letters to Pres. Obama and State Dept: Sign up on www.pipelinefighters.org to send the President a handwritten letter asking him to reject this pipeline. Rep. Fortenberry seems to be the only Members of Congress from our state that has an open mind, so sending him a letter is a great idea. Sec. Kerry is new on the job so we need to make sure he hears from Nebraskans. Click here for tips on writing letters, sample letters and contact info for key decision makers. You can always add pictures of your family to the letter. Sometimes a simple pictures says more than anything we can write. The two most important right now are Pres. Obama and Sec. Kerry/ Asst. Sec. Kerri-Ann Jones (both at the State Dept.) Get more addresses, click here.

  • Pres. Obama, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
  • Sec. Kerry and Kerri-Ann Jones, U.S. Department of State, 2201 C. Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20520

3) Call Pres. Obama: Ask President Obama to come visit Nebraska and spend time with ranchers and farmers who live on the proposed route. We understand the President was playing golf with oil executives while over 125 Nebraskans were part of the 40,000 person march asking him to stop the pipeline. We have a nifty graphic on our Facebook page that you can share, but please make a call to the White House 202-456-1111 too!

Current Pipeline Events

State Dept. Planning Meetings
When/Where: various dates and locations starting 3/24 and ending 4/1
More Info: In order to prepare for the State Dept. Hearing (we still have no date/time/location), we are holding meetings across Nebraska to update folks on our plans and get feedback. Details on locations, click here.
FaceBook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/163626760458702/

Big Trigg Shindig, TX Concert
When/Where: April 20 in Crawford, TX / all day / Julia Trigg’s family farm
More Info: Julia Trigg is in a battle with TransCanada to protect her farm from their toxic pipeline and eminent domain.
FaceBook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/164769157005500/?fref=ts