Citizens and landowners have spoken loud and clear, we want Governor Heineman and our state senators to pass meaningful oil pipeline bills during the special session and we expect–at a minimum–a bill to reroute the pipeline out of the Sandhills and out of the Ogallala Aquifer.

Download and print the ad to post at school, your office or your favorite hang out place!

Find and call your state senator, tell them its critical to pass a bill and not just to “try their best.” Then tell Speaker Flood and Sen. Langemeier (who chairs the Natural Resources Committee) the same thing. Flood: (402) 471-2929 and Langemeier: (402) 471-2719

Please join us at the state capitol today, November 1st, at 2pm when the special session begins. We will meet in the rotunda on the 2nd floor and will sit in the public balcony on the 3rd floor. We can’t have signs but encourage everyone to wear their pipeline gear.

If you can not join us in person, you can watch online.

Sample tweet and FB post: Watch the NE special session at 2pm today and call your state senator @boldnebraska #noKXL

Special Session Resources:

Speaker Flood’s calendar: The Speaker will regularly post scheduling updates and meetings for the special session so you know when hearings and other key dates are and when you might want to plan on being at the capitol.

Contact Info for Your State Senator: Find out who’s representing you and then reach out to them. Visit with them at their office, write a letter, send an email, and make a call telling them you expect nothing less than the pipeline being rerouted out of the Sandhills.

Special session events: We keep a regularly updated list of public events here. We share more than just Bold events, so let us know if you know of an event we should share.

Watch the special session on TV and online: NET will host live coverage on NET2 on your television and online at

Legal memos: Nebraska lawyers Alan Peterson and David Domina wrote independent legal memos that explain why and how the Nebraska legislature can regulate oil pipelines. The bottom line is YES, Nebraska can put laws in place to route oil pipelines and NO, it is not too late to re-route the Keystone XL pipeline. The Peterson memo is a rebuttal to Speaker Flood’s assertion that the state can do nothing and analyzes Senator Dubas’ first drafts of legislation. The Domina memo digs into how and when Nebraska can enact regulations with a full list of ideas for needed legislation. 

Current Actions:

November 1st, 2pm: Join us for the first day of the Pipeline Special Session. We will be sitting in the 3rd floor balcony as senators introduce bills to remind them that citizens are paying close to attention. Meet us in the 2nd floor Rotunda (no signs allowed but wear a Stand With Randy shirt if you’ve got one).

November 4th, noon-4pm: Come to the Citizen Special Session in the Warner Chamber at the State Capitol for a seminar where we’ll explain the ins-and-outs of a special session and craft a plan of action. We will also review legal memos and come with a list of expectation citizens have of state senators. You’ll also have the chance to visit with your state senator. Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming.

November 7-9th: Speaker Flood has scheduled committee hearings for bills. These are open to the public, and we need as many people there as possible to testify and show support. Hearings will likely be in the afternoons, starting at 1:30pm. We’ll post more details as soon as we get them.

Public pressure on our elected officials has gotten us this far. We need you to keep the heat on and have all the resources you need below to do so.