We are getting numerous phone calls and emails from folks across the state saying they are getting a robo-survey about the TransCanada Keystone pipeline.  The calls are coming from “Nebraskans for Jobs and Prosperity,” a group we have never heard of before.

If you get a robo-call, please email info@boldnebraska.org with the time of the call and if they called your landline or cell phone.

It looks like many Pius high school Alums are getting the calls, which is a little strange or maybe just a coincidence.

We understand the survey gives an informed paragraph to start out with that includes some outright lies, like the pipeline will bring 500 jobs to Nebraskans. We don’t have the script yet, but once we do we can verify the info.

We will be looking into this more, so please help us out if you got a call or if you can alert your FB friends and Twitter followers to contact us at info@boldnebraska.org.

UPDATE, 10/14, 8:15am
We called the Nebraska Public Service Commission and the script for the robo-call was filed properly.  They are emailing us a copy of the script and we will post when we have it available. 

UPDATE, 10/14, 8:48am
The script filed and that many of you got over the last few days is below.  We will have a write up later today pushing back on some of their points. This seems to be a new group established in our state and we will keep you updated as to who is funding and running the new group.

Keystone XL Auto Survey & Patch Script
Good Evening.  We’re calling from Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence with a quick survey about the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that will deliver oil from our trusted ally Canada, to refineries in Texas. 

The Keystone XL Pipeline will pay over $150 million dollars in Nebraska property taxes, be the safest pipeline ever built, and will reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil.  In addition, construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline will create hundreds of family supporting, private-sector jobs for Nebraskans. 

Now to the survey.  Do you support building the Keystone XL Pipeline in Nebraska?  Please press 1 on your phone if you support building the Keystone XL Pipeline; Please press 2 if you do not support building the Keystone XL Pipeline; and Press 3 if you are undecided (repeat).

Thank you for your time this evening.  Please remember that the Keystone XL Pipeline will bring over $150 million dollars in local property tax revenue, create family-supporting jobs for Nebraskans, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil from countries like Iran and Venezuela. 

This call paid for by Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence, P.O. Box 572, Boystown, Nebraska, 68010.