Representative Lee Terry (R-NE-2) may be a fan of the “Keystone rodeo,” but we know that only a clown could think that Nebraska can afford the risky tarsands pipeline that, if approved, could cross some our state’s most sensitive lands and our main water source, the Ogallala Aquifer.

Representative Terry and his Big Oil buddies are doing the bidding of TransCanada without caring a lick about the best interests of Nebraska landowners and citizens.

TransCanada released their “new” route, which still crosses the Sandhills and still crosses the Ogallala Aquifer putting our Ag economy and individual property rights at risk.

This route isn’t safe, it isn’t responsible and once again landowner’s property rights are ignored by Rep. Terry who claims to be a conservative.

Nebraska can’t afford the “Keystone rodeo.” Our land and water is not something to clown around about, tell Rep. Terry to start protecting our land, water and property rights.

Phone: 202-225-4155