Update: After floor debate on Wednesday, the House voted 241-175 to approve H.R. 3. In a testament to the work done organizing to defeat the bill, just 19 Democrats voted in favor this time, down from 50 who backed legislation to fast-track KXL approval last time around. 

Rep. Lee Terry Bill is Pipeline to Nowhere 

Time to deny the pipeline. Protect property rights, our land and our water.

Lincoln, Nebr. – Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) continues to work for foreign pipelines and Big Oil lobby interests as he pushes, yet again, a bill that would force the approval of Keystone XL pipeline before the environmental and national interest reviews are complete. Worse, the bill further weakens individual property rights, forcing any landowner who contests issues with the pipeline — like liability for tarsands spills — to bring their case to a DC District court rather than the town the landowner lives in for representation.

“Lee Terry’s bill is a pipeline to nowhere, highlighting his poor record of leadership and shows where his loyalties lie — with Big Oil lobbyists and foreign pipeline companies,” said Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska. “Not only has the President promised to veto this irresponsible bill and is therefore a waste of taxpayer dollars, it’s a slap in the face to landowners’ property rights. Not a single study of a worst case scenario tarsands spill in the Aquifer, our rivers or families wells has been conducted yet Rep. Terry stands with binders full of reports that leave out the basic answers to what a tarsands spill will do to property values, our water and our Ag economy.”

The White House made it clear in an announcement today the President would veto Terry’s foreign pipeline bill.

The Pipeline Safety Trust — the only national, independent, nonprofit organization solely devoted to promoting pipeline safety — submitted a letter on Monday to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi voicing its concerns about and opposition to H.R. 3 (embedded below).

The letter states: “We strongly object to the provisions of HR 3 that would end all environmental studies currently required tobe completed under law and deem related permits approved. While we would be concerned under any circumstance about legislative approval of any pipeline–particularly before the necessary scientific data had been compiled and reviewed thoroughly—we are particularly puzzled as to why Congress would deem approved an international hazardous liquid pipeline for a foreign company at a time when there is no energy supply emergency to warrant even the consideration of such dramatic action.”

The Nebraska Keystone XL pipeline route and eminent domain authority are currently under a legal challenge in the Lancaster District Court system in Nebraska, on the basis the loophole bill the Nebraska Unicameral passed violates Nebraska’s state constitution that clearly states all common carriers are regulated by the Public Service Commission, not the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. The Nebraska route could be thrown out as early as this Fall as an illegal routing process.

“It seems after several terms as an unremarkable congressman, Lee Terry has adopted the expediting of Keystone XL as his signature piece of legislation. Perhaps he thinks his actions will enhance his standing in the Republican Party who are hell-bent on making political hay out of this issue,” said Randy Thompson, Nebraska landowner. “From my perspective this will make damn poor hay because this project is all risk and no reward for America, and its citizens.”

Citizens and landowners are now taking action into their own hands and are organizing on the county level to pass resolutions against tarsands, and zoning laws to protect our water.

Since Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and Rep. Terry long ago turned their back on our state in order to shake hands with the beneficiaries of this pipeline—China and Canada—we have President Obama to turn to in order to protect our land and water, as well as our local elected officials who have the authority to pass laws that our state and federal officials refuse to put in place.

Press Avail:
Meeting of Citizens and Landowners
Overtime Bar and Grill in Fullerton, Nebraska
Wed., May 22, 5-7pm

Press are welcome to get local reaction to the Terry pipeline bill to nowhere and hear about the work we are doing at the local level to protect our land and water. Additionally, Facebook ads keeping Rep. Terry accountable for turning his back on Nebraska will run throughout the week.

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