The Keystone XL pipeline was discussed for a good portion of the Presidential debate. Gov. Romney said he didn’t understand why President Obama denied the Keystone XL pipeline.

Here are a few reasons:

Landowners do not want to give up their property rights to a foreign pipeline company for their private gain.

-The route in Nebraska was too risky crossing the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer (and still crosses both despite what Transcanada is saying).

-The President listened to Republican Gov. Heineman’s request to deny the permit because the route crossed the Aquifer.

-Obama’s fuel efficiency standard saves more oil than the Keystone XL pipeline could pump in 45 years.

-We have enough pipeline to wrap around the world and fuel prices are still high, another pipeline will not bring gas prices down especially a foreign tarsands pipeline set for the export market and to a refinery owned by Saudi Arabia.

-Tarsands emits three to five times more carbon emissions than traditional oil and at a time when we are seeing record droughts and extreme weather, we don’t need tarsands being developed.

-This kid deserves our help in saving his water.

Bold Nebraska Quote:
“Gov. Romney is turning his back on American landowners with his support of a risky, tarsands export pipeline,” said Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska Director. “We need a new energy policy, one that respects property rights, protects water and starts the transition to clean energy economy. While the Keystone XL pipeline might be part of an “all of the above” strategy it destroys our environment and allows a foreign company to use eminent domain on Americans and that is simply wrong.”

Pic: Thunderpants the #nokxl pony and grandchild of landowner advocate at protest in front of TransCanada meeting this week