On May 15, 2013, Bold Nebraska sent formal requests for all records, emails, minutes, etc. on meetings the Nebraska State Patrol and the Nebraska Attorney General’s office recently held with TransCanada and local sheriff’s departments regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, talk of “protestors” and public safety. Since we were not invited to any discussion about safety, we want to see what was discussed, how local folks are being portrayed and what TransCanada is trying to do in regards to hiring our local police officers to act as TransCanada’s private security.

We tried calling the State Patrol after the meeting to request information but were told in fact it was NOT a meeting and instead was an “educational training opportunity.”

We are concerned that groups or citizens were being talked about at the meetings between law enforcement and TransCanada when folks were not there to tell any other side of the story. We are also very concerned that TransCanada is seeking to hire local police officers in their “off duty” hours to perform security detail for TransCanada. That is not good for long-term community relations. It is also a dangerous line to cross, allowing a for-profit, foreign corporation to hire our local police officers to potentially arrest citizens.

Who is policing TransCanada?


Public Records Request Letter to Nebraska State Patrol and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning by hefflinger