We have the results of the primary election! Here is a round up of who is in for the general election. Remember, you need to go back to the polls on Nov. 4, 2014 and the New Energy Voter PAC will have a whole new set of recommendations for the next round!

(updated on 5/13/2014, 11:30pm CT)

US Senate

(Dem) Dave Domina won. While at the surface folks will write the Senate race off, Dave is a strong candidate who has represented landowners against TransCanada using eminent domain and one-sided land contracts for Keystone XL.

(Rep) Ben Sasse won. Sasse beat the national GOP establishment with help from Nebraska GOP establishment (former NE GOP Chair) Mark Fahleson. We send congrats to Mark and Ben (and their families) and look forward to debates on the pipeline and clean energy. This is also a big win for the national (not state) Tea Party funding. Kinda funny if you think about it. Sasse wins with national (not state) Tea Party and State (not national) GOP establishment. It’s what makes Nebraska kinda awesome. We keep things interesting.

Attention national folks: We know you will say this race is now over, that its too much of a climb for a Democrat. Its critical to remember Dave Domina represents landowners opposed to pipeline on grounds of route, terms of contract, eminent domain and risk to water.

PSC (Public Service Commission)

(Dem) Crystal Rhoades wins dealing a blow to TransCanada’s front group Nebraskans for Jobs and the Laborers Union.

(Rep) John Sieler won.

Note: This is a key race for those who have concerns about the Keystone XL pipeline since TransCanada, assuming the Nebraska Supreme Court does not overturn the landowner victory, will have to go in front of the PSC to get their route reviewed, possibly altered.


(Dem) Chuck Hassebrook won.

(Rep) Pete Ricketts won dealing a big blow to Gov. Heineman who endorsed only one candidate Jon Bruning. Bruning and Heineman are trying to overturn a decision that said the way the Nebraska route was permitted was unconstitutional leaving TransCanada without a route and without eminent domain. Ricketts bought this election. He is a far-right candidate that funds groups with the Koch brothers.

House NE-2

(Dem) Brad Ashford won.

(Rep) Lee Terry won. Terry’s opponent had about $50k and still got 47% of the vote. Terry spent almost $1million dollars in the primary. Terry is in trouble. And that is good news for those of us against the pipeline. Or, as Joe Jordan writes, “Lee Terry spends big, wins small 

House NE-1

(Dem) Dennis P. Crawford won.

(Rep) Jeff Fortenberry won.

House NE-3

(Dem) Mark Sullivan won.

(Rep) Adrian Smith won.

State Treasurer

(Dem) Michael O’Hara won.

(Rep) Don Stenberg won.

(Lib) Michael Knebel won.

Attorney General

(Dem) Janet Stewart won.

(Rep) Doug Peterson won.


(Dem) Amanda McGill won.

(Rep) Charlie Janssen won.

Secretary of State

(Lib) Ben Backus won.

(Rep) John Gale won.

State Senate

There were 17 races that had primaries today, we will go deeper into these races over the next few months. The top two vote getters in each race advance to the general election. You can see all results of the State Senate races here.

NRD (Natural Resource District)

Adam Hintz and Tom Green will move on to the general election (in the Lincoln area).

We will post more in-depth reviews of all NRD candidates for the general election in November.

NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District)

Mary Harding and Ken Schmeiding will move on to the general election (District 1: Seward and Raymond areas).

Barry DeKay and Dan Scheer will move on to the general election (District 2: Sandhills area).

Jim Tarnick and Danny Kluthe did not have more than 1 primary opponent, so they will both move forward as well.

OPPD (Omaha Public Power District)

Jeff Lux and Anne McGuire will move on to the general election.