This page is intended for members of the press. We want to make sure you have folks to interview and pictures to utilize.

The action we are asking citziens to take in response of the denial, is to sign a thank you card/poster to the President, the image on the poster is Nebraskans holding signs thanking the President.

We have photos and video below with links to our Flickr and Youtube pages.

Our official press release with statements from ranchers and citizens, click here.

National pictures and videos, click here.

For contact info for ranchers, farmers or questions: Malinda Frevert,, 402-290-7732 or Jane Kleeb,, 402-705-3622

Pictures are all allowed to be used by press and bloggers, with permission via email to Please source Bold Nebraska and the proper photographer’s name (i.e. Mitch Paine, Marty Hausen).

More photos on our Flickr stream

High resolution versions of campaign graphics of yard signs, tshirts and Randy can be obtained through Justin Kemerling,






More videos can be found on our YouTube page. Press can use any material, just credit Bold Nebraska. Email with questions.