We continue to work with groups and landowners on the TransCanada pipeline.  If you visit Bold’s site often, you already know our state is in desperate need of stronger eminent domain laws, routing of pipeline laws and transparent Emeregnecy Response Plans (just to name a few).  Not everyone may support stopping the pipeline completely, but most Nebraskans agree we need stronger laws to protect our way of life, our land and our water.

The big news today is that State Senator Annette Dubas introduced a bill to adopt the Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Notification Act and change provisions relation to eminent domain for pipelines.  We’re still reading the bill and just thrilled that Sen. Dubas is standing up for Nebraskans.  Please contact her office or simply tweet your thanks to @proud_farm_gal.  Lincoln Journal Star covered the story here.

Folks have asked “what can I do to help?”  We have some action ideas online, but we are also going to hold an Education and Action Forum on Jan. 29th from 10am-12:30pm at the First United Methodist Church 2723 North 50th Street, Lincoln (across the street from Wesleyan University).  More details soon.

If you missed the pipeline rally, you can see a video and re-cap here.

Texas has really picked up speed lately with a great grassroots group called STOP.  Today we learned an eminent domain law is being introduced in TX during their emergency session.

In an article this week, Senator Johanns staff signaled Clinton may require a new supplemental study on the Sandhills and Ogallala.  That would be great and very welcome news since many of the experts that spoke at the hearing in Lincoln last month said more studies need to be done on how tarsands oil will effect the very unique SandHills and Ogallala Aquifer.

Solve Climate, which has done a series of articles including a few on Nebraska, did another story on the pipeline this time focusing on the misleading ads TransCanada is pushing in DC.

Lastly, we always update our TransCanada Pipeline Resource page with new reports as well as background on the issue and dangers of tarsands oil.

Let us know if you have any questions, info@boldnebraska.org.