Bold Nebraska organized a Pipeline Safety Training for County Officials on Friday, Aug. 23, 2013. Elected officials from six Nebraska counties joined members of the public to hear from pipeline experts on what counties can do to put regulations on pipelines in place to protect their communities. Videos of the presentations and the presenters’ slideshows are posted below.


  • Carl Weimer, Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust
    Mr. Weimer is a member of the U.S. Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee, and has testified before both the House and Senate on pipeline safety issues. Weimer has organized numerous national pipeline safety conferences, and pushed for stronger pipeline safety legislation on the national and state level.
  • Paul Blackburn, Pipeline Consultant
    Mr. Blackburn has worked in energy and environmental law and policy for twenty-five years, and currently provides legal and consulting services on electric utility, pipeline, and mining matters. He has authored detailed technical and policy reports on pipeline safety and spill cleanup preparedness, and is the only attorney to represent landowner clients through a complete formal evidentiary hearing on the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Brian Jorde, Attorney, Domina Law Group
    Raised in Wayne and Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. Jorde’s areas of legal experise include environmental issues affecting real estate. Mr. Jorde will provide an overview on various zoning and haul agreements that officials can put in place to protect communities.
  • Dan Holub, Kansas County Commissioner
    Mr. Holub relates his experiences dealing with pipeline operators in Kansas in his duties as a county commissioner.










Pipeline Safety Training: Carl Weimer


Pipeline Safety Training: Paul Blackburn