We know folks have been concerned about ongoing construction at the Ericson pump station site, especially after TransCanada agree to reroute the pipeline. We called NPPD and got you answers.

Jedd Fischer, project manager for the NPPD Ericson pump station site, said that NPPD began the grading of the pump power station site prior to TransCanada’s announcement to reroute. Because NPPD had already begun the land-leveling process, they are going to finish with the grading work,”then take whatever action necessary to restore the area to acceptable condition for the long term.” Fischer also said that “all other activities (regarding pipeline infrastructure) have been placed on hold.”

So, if you see people working on the Ericson site, it is because they are finishing the grading and/or taking restorative action.

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has a central FAQ site up. It’s bare bones right now, but they should add more info as we move forward.