In case you missed it, last night MSNBC TV and radio host Ed Schultz announced on “The Ed Show” that he had an epic change of heart, and now opposes the Keystone XL pipeline (view the clip below). A diehard union supporter, when Ed began covering this story he was staunchly pro-pipeline, citing the same talking points we have been hearing for years from TransCanada, Big Oil and the unions that have a stake in building the pipeline. 

Ed credited his trip to Nebraska and face-to-face meetings with farmers and ranchers fighting seizure of land they have stewarded for generations for his change of heart — and in fact strongly encouraged President Obama to come to Nebraska to meet with us, too.

“This right here, the Keystone XL pipeline that would go over the Ogallala aquifer is one of the biggest energy risks this country will ever take. Ever!” Schultz said on Wednesday. “So the question is this, America. Does the President of the United States want to risk damaging the aquifer? I would love to see the President of the United States go to Nebraska and talk to the folks on the ground, and find out exactly how far down that aquifer goes. And what an oil spill would do.”

Watch Ed’s change of heart on Keystone XL, and plea to Pres. Obama to visit Nebraska:


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