Everyone from military leaders to our grandparents to our kids know a basic fact–saving energy means putting more money in our pocketbooks and making our country safer.  Safer from security threats, safer from oil spills, safer from water pollution, safer from eminent domain threats.

The Obama Administration took concrete and very bold steps towards reducing our dependence on oil by approving historic fuel efficiency standards for all cars and trucks in the United States.

What does this mean for you at the pump?

Cars will soon get 54.5 miles per gallon (mpg). That is about double what cars get now. That means less stops at the gas station, more money in your pocketbook and a cleaner environment.

From 2017 – 2025, the miles per gallon cars and trucks will increase ultimately reaching an average of 54.5 mpg by 2025. The move–made official today–by the EPA and President Obama strives to spur innovation amongst automakers. The rules also give incentives to build hybrid cars and trucks to reduce our dependence upon oil which means cleaner air, water and land.

Obama car rules will help get automakers on the same level to compete with auto manufacturers in China, Japan, and the European Union; so it is no wonder US manufacturers welcome the standards. Thirteen major automakers, including the “Big Three” of Detroit support President Obama’s fuel efficiency standards.The new standards are good for Americans. Studies have shown that these standards will grow the economy by creating nearly 570,000 jobs by 2030, and delivering a net increase of $75 billion to annual GDP by 2030. Improved fuel efficiency is an important step toward using less oil—and putting less gas in the car is something that will make everyone’s wallets feel a little fuller.

Clean Homegrown Energy, No Tarsands

We need clean, homegrown energy. We need less oil. We do not need tarsands.

President Obama noted that it would take TransCanadas Keystone XL pipeline 45 years to carry the amount of oil that these fuel efficiency standards will save. That’s a lot of oil not to mention the land, water and property rights that do not have to be at risk for the unnecessary tarsands pipeline.

Innovative steps like Obama’s car rules of improved fuel efficiency will lead us toward a clean and safe energy future. Welcoming the dirtiest, most dangerous type of oil–tarsands– through our nation’s pipeline system will not. We are a nation that has the technology, brains, common sense and the will to do better by future generations. It’s time to keep the ball rolling. Within the next couple of weeks we will have our “New Energy Voter Guide” published, showing you who will support a path to an innovative, clean energy future.

Check out these cool clips made by the NRDC and Sierra Club touting the benefits of fewer stops at gas stations, and burning less money.

Watch this pretty hilarious ad featuring a cute dog not so happy with the Obama car rule.

Graphic above by NRDC