NPR’s Guy Raz with All Things Considered features Nebraska landowners Randy Thompson and Suz Luebbe. This is a two-part series, we will post the link to the second part tomorrow.

Randy and Suz do a great job telling our story of fighting TransCanada and why we are doing everything we can to protect our land and water from this risky tarsands pipeline.

Listen or read the All Things Considered story, part one, click here.

We would like to note that Gov. Heineman lies about his position yet again in the piece. As a reminder, Gov. Heineman sent a letter to the President asking him to deny (not conditionally approve) the pipeline because of the Ogallala Aquifer (not just the Sandhills).

“I am asking you to disapprove TransCanada’s pending permit request. Do not allow TransCanada to build a pipeline over the Ogallala Aquifer and risk the potential damage to Nebraska’s water.” -Gov. Heineman to President Obama

If you want to join us and Stand with Randy, you can buy a t-shirt or sign this petition.

You can also join us on March 11th at the Omaha Film Festival and see Suz Luebbe in the documentary Pipe Dreams. To buy a dvd, click here.