We hope Mark Fahleson (Chairman of the NE GOP) is reading today’s Rasmussen report on the Nebraska gubernatorial election.  For the man who once claimed that even Heineman’s most ardent critics are content with the job he’s doing, these numbers should be a warning.

We’re not naive enough to say Heineman doesn’t have supporters.  Right now, Rasmussen has Heineman polling with 61% of the vote.  But compare that to 2006 when he won with just under 75% of the vote.  That’s almost a 14 point drop in 4 years.  And it looks like Meister’s biggest issue is that voters just don’t know enough about him yet.

Heineman and Fahleson act like the governor’s walking around with a 98% approval rating tattooed on his forehead.  But that’s far from the truth.  Over 1 in 3 Nebraska voters say they’ll vote for someone else.

It’s time for Heineman, Fahleson and the entire GOP establishment to realize that Nebraska isn’t all red, nor will we stay “Red Forever” as Fahelson recently proclaimed.  We’re tired of conservative candidates pushing their social agenda while they lose funding for Beatrice, pass costly legislation and bully education groups (while taking money behind the scenes for the very programs they condemn).

The number of Nebraskans who are frustrated with status quo politicians and who want bold leaders with a vision for our state is growing.  We simply won’t put up with the Chicago-leadership style of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Heineman anymore.