We showed up strong to the State Department meetings in Lincoln and Atkinson. We made factual, scientific, economic, national security and deep emotional pleas to stop the pipeline. We stood as one Nebraska, we stood as a united Nebraska, we stood as a bold Nebraska.

Many of you are asking, “What’s next?”

Before we dive into next steps, check out the pictures from Lincoln and celebrate the change we are making in our state. We will post the Atkinson pictures and videos soon. 

The Lincoln Journal Star editorial board laid it all out in black and white–Governor Heineman’s and our state senators’ continually deferring to the federal government instead of putting proper state-based regulations in place is “a meek and convenient way out.”

If Gov. Heineman and the Unicameral fail to act, then as citizens we will pick up the ball and run with it. We have a small window to see if they will lead.

In the meantime, we cannot just sit here and wait. Here are some action ideas:

1) On Monday, state senators Dubas and Haar will unveil their bill to give a state agency authority to route oil pipelines. We will post the bill as well as a detailed request on how you can help make sure a special session gets called before the end of the year. Watch our website on Monday and when we post the action, please please do it and spread the word.

2) Write a letter to your local paper about how it felt to testify, about watching fellow Nebraskans from all walks of life, about listening to the testimony or about your disappointment that certain elected officials were absent (e.g. state senator Deb Fischer, Gov. Heineman and Att. Gen. Bruning).

3) On October 7th, a few Nebraska and Texas landowners will head to Washington, DC to give testimony at the national and final State Department meeting. Follow @janekleeb for updates from DC. If you have not yet provided written testimony on why you oppose the pipeline, please send that to info@boldnebraska.org. We will hand deliver those while in DC.

Lastly, mark October 21st on your calendar. We are planning an event that will take place during the day and night. We will need your help. More details soon!

If you are looking for even more things to do, check out our Action Page.

You are making an impact. Your voice is being heard. You can stop this pipeline.