With 6 weeks until the Nov. 6th election, Bold Nebraska–and partner groups including the Nebraska Farmers Union–is excited to launch the New Energy Voter project.

From ads, to billboards, to an online voter guide, Nebraskans will show our power and bring new energy to the voting booth. It all starts at www.nevoter.org:

  • Nebraskans can use the New Energy Voter Guide to find out where candidates stand on issues ranging from the pipeline, eminent domain, Dreamers, renewable energy, pre-natal care and more.
  • Nebraskans can personalize the Voter Guide to give information for their voting area.
  • A new Ad asks Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer whose side they are on: Nebraskans or a foreign pipeline company threatening our water and property rights.
  • Billboards featuring landowners and citizens with a “tarsands-free Nebraska” message are up in Lincoln and Omaha and more will come to rural towns in October.
  • Nebraskans can download posters on their phones and put them up in their community to inspire others to vote for New Energy.
  • Nebraskans can proudly post their “pledge to vote” for everyone to see.
  • In-depth profiles depict a handful of “New Energy” candidates who embody the values and ideas for moving Nebraska forward.
  • Street Team of New Energy Voters will hit playgrounds, campuses, music venues and bars to hand out info on polling locations, the Voter Guide and an 800-number voters can call if they run into trouble voting.

Our state’s politics have been dominated by one ideology with no room for new ideas or new energy for too long. Our state has a deep history of being independent and we want that spirit revived. Citizens have shown their power by moving the Unicam to pass pipeline bills, ending workplace discrimination in Omaha, protecting our right to vote, providing an affordable path to college and ensuring babies are born healthy. It’s time to elect leaders who will stand with citizens, not lobbyists. Old school “status quo” thinking is keeping Nebraska back. It’s time to move Nebraska forward.