The Nebraska Public Service Commission hearing officer’s original order on intervention in its review of TransCanada’s application for a state permit for its proposed Keystone XL pipeline severely limited the evidence which intervenors are allowed to present, and unfairly grouped over 30 organizations and individuals together, limiting their individual ability to present evidence and voice concerns.

On April 10, the Bold Alliance filed a motion to reconsider that order in order to allow the intervenors to be able to present meaningful evidence relevant to the statutory standards.

Today (April 13), the same hearing officer denied our motion, along with the motions of other intervenors.

“The Bold Alliance objects to the hearing officer’s latest order as a violation of both its own rules and the due process rights of Nebraskans,” said Ken Winston, attorney for Bold Alliance. “At this time we are conferring with our fellow intervenors to determine the manner in which our objections will be presented. The most recent order continues the violation of the commission’s own rules, the provisions of the siting statute regarding relevant evidence and the due process rights of the intervenors to present evidence relevant to their interests.”

2017.04.13.OP-0003.HO Order Recon Motions