Bold Alliance filed a motion on April 10 that asks the Nebraska Public Service Commission to reconsider the hearing officer’s order regarding intervention during its review of TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline project.

The PSC’s order lumps all the “natural resources” intervenors together and severely limits their ability to present evidence.

The “natural resources” intervenor group currently includes Bold Alliance, Sierra Club,, Oil Change International, and over 30 individual citizens who applied and were granted intervenor status.

Bold’s motion seeks for the organization to be able to present relevant evidence, and supports the rights of other intervenors to present their own evidence. The motion is based on three basic propositions:

  • The interests of Bold have been improperly limited and combined with the interests of other intervenors, which prevents Bold from participating in the proceedings “to the extent of its express interest in the matter” as required under the Commission’s Rules.
  • The Order improperly restricts the presentation of relevant information concerning the issues the Commission is required to consider under the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act.
  • The Order also improperly limits the rights of other intervenors to present their own unique evidence to the extent of their respective interests in the proceeding.

“Bold continues to stand for the rule of law and the rights of Americans to participate in this proceeding,” said Ken Winston, attorney for the Bold Alliance.

Bold Alliance PSC Motion 4-10-17