On May 12, we are holding a “Citizen Hearing” in Lincoln to gather comments from citizens and landowners to submit to Sec. Clinton but to also submit to the Unicameral, Gov. Heineman and Att. Gen. Bruning to urge them to pass state-based regulations. 

If you plan on coming tomorrow, please arrive about 11:30am to find parking since it will be busy.  Also, you will not be able to get into capitol til around 11:45am because they are having a fire drill…meet us in the rotunda.  If you can not make it to the event, you can still submit comments to info@boldnebraska.org and we will make sure they get submitted to state officials and Sec. Clinton.

May 12
Noon-2pm (arrive at 11:30am to find parking)
State Capitol, Lincoln (meet at the rotunda)

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RSVP on FaceBook for the event: http://www.facebook.com/boldnebraska

Not on Facebook? Then RSVP via email: info@boldnebraska.org 


Nebraska Unicameral’s Interim Study: This document has testimony from Nebraska’s water and Sandhill experts on the dangers and numerous questions that are still unanswered about the risky pipeline project.

Congressional Research Service Memo: The non-partisan federal resource clearly outlines the fact that Nebraska–not the federal government–is responsible for the route of oil pipelines, which means Gov. Heineman and the Unicameral can say the pipeline should not go through the Sandhills.

Bold’s Pipeline Resource Page: We do our best to keep lots of background information, reports and key articles all in one place.

What exactly will we do on May 12th?
Citizens will have the opportunity to speak at a microphone in the state capitol rotunda from noon-12:30pm.  We will then visit our state senators’ offices and also have everyone visit Gov. Heineman, Att. Gen Bruning and the members of the Natural Resources Committee offices as well. We have yard signs, action guides and American flag wristbands for folks who show up. If you can only stay for the lunch hour, that works! Please note, yard signs can not be waved during the event, we are bringing them so you can take them home with you.

What if I can’t make it to Lincoln on May 12th?
If you can not make the hearing and you still want your comments read at the hearing, please send your written or video comments to info@boldnebraska.org

Why are Bold and other allied groups holding a Citizen Hearing?
Our state elected officials have failed to pass any state regulations or to change the pipeline route. Also, Sec. Clinton is not holding a second round of hearings for citizens and state agencies to comment on the revised environmental study.  So, we decided we will bring the comments not only to our state elected officials but also to the State Department.  If they won’t act, citizens will!

Is this happening only in Nebraska?
Nope.  In fact, on May 12 across all of the states potentially affected by the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline groups will hold “Citizen Hearings.

I live in the Sandhills, is there a carpool?
There will be a bus carrying folks leaving from Stuart, NE at 6:30am from Stracke Bar & Grille on the north side of Hwy 20.  The bus will head south through O’Neill on Hwy 281 to Grand Island.  Then it will head east on I-80 to Lincoln.  If you would like to ride the bus, call 402-217-5217.

Who is involved?
Groups raising concerns and working to stop the pipeline in our state include Audubon Nebraska, Bold Nebraska, GFWC Heritage League of Lincoln, Guardians of the Good Life,  Nebraska Common Cause, Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska Green Party, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraskans for Peace and the local chapter of 350.org. The MoveOn group also helped spread the word with a new petition tool!